TPGaming has been an on-and-off project now since early 2015 after my first college programming introduction. At the time I was delving into the C# (C-sharp) programming language and making simple “programs” that could calculate tips, track weight loss/gain, and a random number guessing game. After finding out that the Unity game engine used C# as its primary programming language I dove headfirst into my first attempt at a game; an ambitious Top-down shooter game. Needless to say, I was way in over my head and the project never got finished.

From there, I focused more on my course studies and less on making games until I got “the itch” again; this time trying out the GameMaker: Studio engine. This time, I was slightly more successful with a simple scrolling space shooter game that so many beginners start their programming life with. while not 100% finished, it was a milestone for me; I had actually made something that can be played.

 So what am I doing now and why am I blogging about it?

At this point I’ve settled on an engine and a goal; I’m going to finish that Top-down shooter I started working on but in the Unreal 4 engine. Why the unreal engine? The reason I’m going with it over Unity is because I really like the layout and level of control that it offers. Not to knock Unity by any stretch of the imagination but, I’ve always been a fan of the great titles that the Unreal engine has been used to make and it wasn’t until recently that it became free* to use and not require an AAA budget for the software alone. I’m going to try to blog about my experiences with creating my game and other facets of game creation like 3D modeling, using Blender, to make assets for my game. It’s my hope to entertain you as well as educate, if not with my own trial and error then with links to other great blogs out there. So welcome along for the ride and thanks for joining me.

*There is a 5% royalty fee quarterly on games that gross over $3k in sales per quarter