Indie Game and App Development


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TPGaming is primarily a 1-man band that is Justin Michael. Justin is your average late-twenties guy who grew up in the nostalgic, early-era of 8-bit gaming. Growing up on a healthy dose of Atari2600 and NES, he has been hooked on gaming and the surrounding culture since learning how to read (which was helped along by playing games like LoZ).

After a 5-year stint in the United States Army, he pursued his degree in Computer Information Systems where he became fascinated with programming and being able to bend computers to his will with lines of code. From that point on he decided to follow his passion for video games by making his own games and writing about games and gaming culture for

Currently, his days are spent working on designing and developing his current project, a top-down shooter game, as well as reading and researching for news articles. Outside of this, he’s still an avid gamer, slightly obsessed dog dad, barbeque fanatic, and generally over-caffeinated person.